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Guardsman Neil Tony Downes - 10 Years Memorial Concert

On 13th May 2017, the band returns to our Musical Director's home town of Droylsden, Manchester, to pay respects to a fellow Droylsden lad. Neil Tony Downes (known as Tony) joined up and signed the soldier’s blank cheque to his Queen and Country.

Sadly, Tony gave the supreme sacrifice and never returned home. His family however, keep his name alive by promoting and raising so much money for different military charities.

The WYFRS band played in Droylsden back in 2012. The concert raised over £4000. This was divided up with the groups that played during the day and the band. Help for Heroes, received a donation of over £2000. Again, this year the band is doing a shared charity concert with the Downes family, and this year’s chosen charity is The Colonels Fund of the Grenadier Guards.

Please help us raise as much as we can in support of Tony’s name. If you are a company and would like to place an advert in the programme, then please get in touch. Similarly if you would like to help fund this event by providing sponsorship in some other way, then please email Lee Whitworth, our Musical Director, who is co-ordinating the efforts for this concert. Please email md@thefireband.co.uk

The concert will be held in The Concord Suite, Market St, Droylsden, M43 6SF, starting at 7pm. Tickets are £5.00 and available from the tickets page, here.

For more information on The Colonel's Fund of the Grenadier Guards, please visit their website here.

A Message from The Colonel, HRH The Prince Philip, KG, KT

"One of the most valuable features of the regimental system is the sense of cohesion that it creates between present and past members of the Regiment, and with all their families and friends. This is reflected in the saying 'Once a Grenadier, Always a Grenadier'. It is the guarantee of mutual support, come what may.

The feeling of family loyalty is all very well, but, when the need arises, it has to be converted into action. This fundraising initiative is intended to give real substance to that commitment to mutual support. It will allow a practical regimental family response to the severe stresses and to the sad toll of lives and serious injuries endured by members of the First Battalion, and their families, in recent operations."

The Fund

As a result of the intensity of recent operations, there is an urgent need to raise funds to deal with the multitude of new requests the Regiment faces, not just today but in the years ahead.

Whilst the immediate and short-term 'duty of care' for wounded Grenadiers lies wholly with the Ministry of Defence and thereafter with appropriate Government Departments such as Health, Social Security and Employment, the Regiment wishes to continue to assist all Grenadiers and their families as it has done in the past.

The Regiment should be at the heart of the recovery of all those Grenadiers and their families who have been affected by serious injury or disability by providing the right support at the right time in the right place. Hence, a new fund, The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards, has been created to supplement existing Regimental charitable funds, which are already fully committed.

For more information on The Colonel's Fund of the Grenadier Guards, please visit their website here.